Centennial Professor

Award Background

In the 1984-1985 academic year, the student governments of ASU began raising funds to establish an award honoring emerging academics from the ASU “junior” faculty based on their outstanding leadership and instruction both within and beyond the classroom. From this vision came the Centennial Professor Endowment Fund.

The Award

The Associated Students will provide monetary awards to up to three deserving professors; all recipients will hold the title of Associated Students Centennial Professor for the 2014-2015 academic year. The award totals can be $10,000, including a cash prize of $4,000 and a stipend of $6,000 to be used for the benefit of students and classroom teaching, dependent upon award distribution. Appropriate uses of the stipend include improving technology in a lab or classroom and hiring student research assistants. In addition, the Centennial Professor will conduct one public lecture the year following their award. Finally, recipients of the Centennial Professorship will be honored during a reception in April 2014.

Applicant Eligibility

Assistant and associate professors, as well as instructors and lecturers are eligible for this award.  Applicants may not be graduate students and must be considered full-time faculty. Applicants must also plan to teach at ASU for the entirety of the 2014-2015 academic year.

If you wish to acknowledge a faculty member who is a tenured professor, we encourage you to consider nominating him or her to the Professor of the Year award. Additional information can be found online at asu.edu/pty.

How To Apply

Please visit our requirements page for further information.

The application consists of:

  • A personal statement
  • A CV
  • Up to 2 nominations by an ASU student, staff, or faculty

Nominations must be received by March 5th, 2014 at 11 p.m.  If a professor has received a single nomination by this deadline, a second nomination will be accepted on their behalf up until  March 10th, 2014 at 5 p.m. Applications must be received by March 18, 2014 at 5 p.m.


Please send Centennial Professor Award correspondence to the chairs of the award committee at VPPD@asu.edu.


Here is information on last years recipients and honorees.


Announcing the 2012-2013 Centennial Professors!

With the most competitive application process the CPA has ever seen, this year’s awardees were selected from an incredibly qualified and accomplished pool of faculty. Our reviewers were impressed by the caliber of faculty at ASU and the multitude of ways through which they teach, support, and engage students within and beyond the classroom. We are excited to announce the following faculty members as the 2012-2013 Centennial Professors!

Daniel Hruschka

Professor Hruschka has been a faculty with the School of Human Evolution and Social Change since 2009. He directs the Laboratory for Culture Change and Behavior, in which students are trained in social science research, gaining experience in a broad set of skills fundamental to testing social and behavioral theories.  His student mentorship has led to a student securing a National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduate, and includes taking one student on a fieldsite visit in Bangladesh each year. One nominator describes that Dr. Hruschka “sees teaching as an opportunity to lay foundations for the next generation of social scientists, scholars, and professionals.” He will use the CPA project stipend to implement a local (Phoenix) version of middle school science club curricula which his research is currently developing for schools in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The funds will cover materials for the project and support an undergraduate researcher who will: (1) develop materials for science clubs in local Phoenix schools, (2) coordinate ASU volunteers, and (3) serve as a liaison with those clubs.

Douglas Kelley

Professor Kelley teaches in the New College on ASU’s West campus. With a background in communication, counseling, and religious studies, his courses range a variety of subjects but are all focus on creating an environment in which “students and professor experience openness, connection and, to some extent, a vulnerability that creates a deep desire to learn, a willingness to explore change, and motivation to engage others.” Writes one nominator: “He doesn’t elevate himself in relation to students.  While TA’ing for him he shared his belief that our job is to continue learning with our students.” Professor Kelley is also thoroughly engaged with activities and student culture at the West campus, having hosted and participated in a wide variety of extracurricular events. The CPA project stipend will be used to develop materials for three courses (COM 100, Inter-City Families, and Relational Communication) in a manner reflective of Dr. Kelley’s particular interactive and reflective teaching philosophy, as well as fund an undergraduate researcher to support the development efforts.

Sarah Buel

Professor Buel teaches at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and is the Founding Faculty Director and Senior Advisor of the Diane Halle Center for Family Justice. Her Domestic Violence and the Law course pushes students to develop relevant and informed recommendations for policy reform. Professor Buel has also narrated the Academy Award-winning short documentary Defending Our Lives, which shares the story of five battered women imprisoned for acting in self-defense. As one nominator explains, “She is not only a prolific advocate, she is an instructional leader who approaches every class with the intention to equip students with the tools necessary to become profound voices for social justice.” Professor Buel will use the CPA project stipend to fund research assistance with an upcoming book publication, provide scholarships for student travel to conferences, and expand the Medial-Legal Partnership she directs by developing additional legal education brochures.