The Executive branch consists of the President, the Vice President of Policy, the Vice President of Services, and the Chief of Staff.

Office of the President

The staff in the Office of the President are those who help ensure that the success of the organization.

Policy Department

The Policy Department works to represent students to the university administration, local, state and federal government and advocate for student friendly policies at all levels. We work to enfranchise students and engage them in the political processes around them by registering students to vote and running educational campaigns on issues that directly affect us as students.

Services Department

The department of services oversee all the tangible services that Undergraduate Student Government provides to the students. These services include Health/Wellness, Special Events, Campus Outreach/International Relations,  Safety Escort, and Bike Co-op.  Numerous strides have been taken to better improve each department, and this year even more improvements and changes are being made.